9 reasons the world loves TV!

Imagine for a moment that your television stopped working. What’s the first thing you’d miss? Your favorite drama series? Staying in touch with the news? Seeing your sports club in action?


But TV’s importance in society goes deeper than that. Television is a medium that, as a result, can improve the world. It can trigger imagination. In addition, it raises curiosity. It encourages education. And, finally, TV gathers millions around common interests.


So, here are nine good reasons why we should celebrate television today.

TV has authority

Today information is everywhere. But television has a particular authority. If you see something on TV, you know that millions of others are also seeing it. And that it may be been verified. It is produced and created by professionals. That’s why television may be the most popular and trusted platform for news. As well as culture, sports and entertainment.

TV creates communities

Great television programs create communities around them. In addition, TV shows, live events and news make great conversation for friends. As well as family and colleagues. They bind people together. And they can trigger reactions on social networks..

TV inspires the mind

Television is a fantastic educational tool. It broadens knowledge of different cultures. It promotes tolerance. And promotes global understanding of international issues. Through current affairs, discovery, lifestyle, cooking shows and children’s programs. Television helps to encourage scientific and cultural curiosity.

TV delivers quality

Thanks to the hard work of talented people. On and off-screen. The building on decades of experience. And on new ways of working and communicating with audiences. The production quality of television programming has never been better than it is today.

TV gives a voice to good  causes

Thanks to its reach and emotional power. Television enables effective calls for action. And during humanitarian crises, natural disasters and social emergencies. It reaches out to society through programs. As well as communication campaigns on environment, healthy eating, and physical activity.

TV goes hand-in-hand with sport

Without television, professional sports would be unrecognizable. Seems like millions enjoy watching live sport every week. They watch from all parts of the world. In ever-higher picture quality. And enjoy the sense of unity. This is what sports coverage creates. Televised sport has other benefits. It promotes sport’s values and ethics. And it inspires people to follow healthy role models.

TV stimulates the economy

The global media sector of which television is a major part employs millions of skilled workers across the world. Furthermore, over 1.2 million people are estimated to work in the audiovisual sector in the European Union alone*. In addition, the success of commercial television as an advertising medium generates revenue. Hence, it can be reinvested in even more great programming for viewers.

TV embraces the digital age

So, consumers now have more opportunities to enjoy television content than ever before. Therefore, viewers can watch on multiple screens. And they interact within fan communities. Also with social platforms. The social television experience is completed with exclusive online content. As well as pre-release of sequences before linear-TV broadcast. Digital video interviews, making of videos, backstage photos and many others.

TV reaches consumers & builds brands

Television ensures that consumers know about new products everyday. As well as services, ideas and projects. It strengthens existing brands. And finally, it reassures consumers about the choices they make.* Source: EU Audiovisual Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee


So, as you know, the TV plays a significant role in today’s family life…