Survive The End Days

Nathan Shepard is a Bible scholar. He has a background in theology and archaeology. And he has spent more than 17 years studying the ancient scriptures. As well as how the words of the prophets became historical fact over time. Now, his spine chilling theory links present times events to Bible prophecies in a clear and concise way… And he foretells a very sinister future for the US. From that moment on, he decided that he must become a survival expert. And train and prepare for the worst disaster in human history…


To be completely honest, I was BLOWN AWAY with the amount of content and VALUE in the Survive The End Days program! You get the 218 PAGE Manual. ONLINE training. Audio training.  AND a members only discussion area to share ideas with other like minded believers!

Survive The End Days Table of Contents

  1. Forward
  2. Revelations on the end of times
  3. What Exactly is an EMP?
  4. Why should you struggle to Protect Electronics?
  5. Planning in Advance: Preparing is Vital
  6. Life-Saving Techniques
  7. Security: When the fight for survival becomes real.
  8. Going the Extra Mile
  9. Final Thoughts

Each of the chapters can be read on your PC. And listened to via an audio book. OR downloaded via PDF to read on your computer, tablet, laptop, or even your iPhone or other smart phone device.


In order to do well in crisis scenarios, a competent man or woman needs to know how to be self-sufficient. So here is my list of the Top Ten Skills to Survive The End Of The World As We Know It.

  1. Medical Skills  

    Everyone interested in preparedness should already know CPR and basic first aid. And if you don’t, the Red Cross offers classes. They are free, or discounted. Yet basic CPR and first aid are just the beginning. Therefore you should also take advanced first responder classes as time and finances allow.

    Also – even better – are some of the survival medicine classes. They offer critical skills needed to stabilize a trauma victim. When access to a hospital is days or weeks away. Hands on training is always the best. Although, if you’re unable to find a class near you – it’s possible to learn many advanced skills for combat first aid. Such as treating gunshot wounds and other trauma. In addition, don’t neglect natural medicines! As pharmacies may not always be there when you need them. And, even if they are, the drugs you need may be unavailable or extremely expensive. Most drugs are found naturally. Also they can be used successfully in a number of situations. Keep a supply of essential oils on hand.

    essential oils

  2. Advanced Gardening, Irrigation, and Farming  

    The world population is continuously growing. And the demand for food never ceases. Indeed, world hunger is making headlines with more and more frequency. And it seems certain that the era when we could to walk into a supermarket and find cheap, affordable, and abundant food is coming to an end. In addition, It then also becomes imperative that the competent man (or woman) should be able to successfully grow food on a small lot.

    Advanced gardening techniques

    Such as hydroponics allow an enormous amount of food to be grown in a very small area. Hydroponics does require a significant investment in equipment. And electrical power is usually required as well. So other gardening and even farming techniques are necessary to produce crops. Also, other farming skills such as animal husbandry will come in handy for raising small animals. Such as chickens, goats, sheep and other livestock. You should also learn basic care and first aid for small farm animals. As well as you should also have a good supply of seeds stored.

  3. Hunting, Fishing, and Trapping     

    Hunting, fishing and trapping are all excellent ways to put protein on the table. And contrary to what many in the preparedness community say, the woods will not instantly be depopulated of small and medium game. Nor the lakes and streams devoid of fish. Knowing how to hunt, fish, and trap using snares, dead-falls, trot lines, gill-nets, and other techniques can be an incredibly effective way to keep meat on the menu.

  4. Food Processing, Preservation, and Storage 

    It’s harvest time in the garden. And you’ve got a freshly killed deer. Now what? Knowing how to properly process wild game is a vitally important skill that many lack. In addition, safe preservation and storage are critically important. So, failing to properly preserve your food can be deadly. As bacteria, parasites, and fungus infest anything that has been poorly preserved.

    Learn how to dry fruits and meats. How to salt and smoke meats. As well as proper pickling techniques. And how to jar and can food with and without a pressure cooker. Food storage is just as important as food processing. It’s not difficult to learn. And in just a few hours you can learn how to safely keep food for long term storage.

  5. Self Defense and Firearms Use     

    When seconds count, the police are just minutes away. It’s foreseeable that this response time will only get worse in a TEOTWAWKI scenario. Also learn the basics of self defense. And the effective use of a pistol, rifle, and shotgun. We carry a variety of books and DVDs that can help you learn the basics of self defense and firearm use.

  6. Gunsmithing   

    If you own a firearm, you need spare parts. And the skills and knowledge to repair it. In addition, there is no guarantee that parts will be available in the future. And there may not be any competent gunsmiths available. This means that you must have the skills and know-how to service your own firearms. As well as repair them should they become inoperable.

  7. Business, Accounting, and Bartering  

    Just because the end of the world has happened doesn’t mean that the rules of business, accounting, and bartering have changed. For instance, a gold-backed currency may no longer exist. And other currencies will quickly replace it. It may be fuel. However it may be ammo. And it could even be buttons or clamshells. Knowing basic business, accounting, and bartering skills will allow you to function well. No matter what the economy is like.

  8. Basic Electronics and Wiring   

    The electrical grid may be down. And that doesn’t mean that electricity isn’t still around. Wind and solar power are becoming more and more available. And of course there are always fuel powered generators. If you’re prepared, you probably have deep cycle batteries and a solar or generator setup already. Did you know the small amount of power generated from your setup is more than enough to kill a man? Knowing basic electronics and wiring isn’t just useful to provide electricity and power for your home. It is critical from a safety standpoint.

  9. Basic Carpentry

    Basic carpentry is an essential skill everyone should know. Having a basic skill-set in carpentry will allow you to repair broken furniture and cabinetry. You can also repair minor structural components of your home. This valuable skill can also provide you with an additional means of income as you become more proficient. Advanced carpentry can be even more useful if you learn how to take harvested wood from trees. And finish it into usable planks and boards.

  10. Auto Mechanics

    Auto mechanics was saved for the last skill.  Not because there will be a need for auto mechanics in the future. They are included because of the skills of a capable auto mechanic are useful in a number of other areas. Auto mechanics is a complex field involving plumbing, electrical work, internal combustion, as well as basic mechanics. Learning how to wrench on your own engine also teaches you how to work with machine parts and tools with strict tolerances.