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ONecklace:  Most of all – Customers can use this as their home for amazing jewelry, personalized for your Loved Ones.

Because for every gift warranting occasions including the times when it is just because… and all at a price that will stun you.

Also, this is Direct Pricing. And it is brought to you by way of yet another happy and satisfied customer.  We are especially looking to share great quality and craftsmanship.

Love Collection


Especially to MAKE SOMEONE’S DAY!Engraved Necklaces

From Religious to Plain Stunning. Since the selection is sure to make anyone’s heart realize they are loved.

Because customers get connected through a heart felt and token of love and appreciation.

Customers can see our Collection worthy of your Loved Ones. And we have the perfect gift selection at your fingertips.  Especially Made and sent to you with care. Especially designed to impress by our artists. And to be cherished for time to come.
Customers get access to the Evil Eye jewelry…

Evil Eye –

FIRST OF ALL…….Seeing is believing – CLICK HERE to read the background on the Evil Eye.

Maybe you want to know where it stems from?…

In addition do you want to know why it is worn by Celebrities and Famous People all around the Globe?

Since they have been worn in public by celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt, Kim Kardashian and Rhianna.

But especially perhaps the most popular example was Lindsay Lohan when she was photographed wearing evil eye jewelry when in court.  Adding a sense of her plea for support during the troubling times.

Monogram NecklacesBoyfriend and Girlfriend Necklaces

– Especially Gifts That Say I Love You –

for Him and Her

So, are you looking for a special gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend?

Come read why onecklace mutual jewelry like a shared necklaces is the perfect solution.

Most of all the Little things matter. And some of the best gifts come in small packages.

There is no time that doesn’t go better with tokens of love and appreciation. Especially things to be worn to remind and reflect on your love and devotion for each other.

Name Necklaces

Easing the hassle of picking the ideal high school graduation gift

Find out how to choose a gift to buy for a high school graduation. Get original ideas and some priceless tips.


What can you get that special Grad to let them know you value their dedication, sacrifice and hard work.  You can give them something to take with them in their next adventure in life.

Rings & Meaning –

what does each finger symbolize?

Let us guide you to understand the symbolism and meaning of ring fingers.

You’ll never look at the rings on your fingers in the same light again!

Mother - Daughter Jewelry Sets & 4 Other Gift IdeasPamper Your Girlfriend with a Personalized Gift to Make Her Feel Special

Make your girlfriend feel special!

You can browse through the Onecklace collection for personalized gift ideas. And make her the luckiest girl in the world.

Make her feel as unique and special as she is to you.

Mother – Daughter Jewelry Sets & 4 Other Gift Ideas

Looking for way to tighten your mother daughter bond?  Make Your Gift Unique With Customized jewelry.

You check out Onecklace jewelry sets and other gift ideas for the closest woman in your life.

Share more in common with sets that match. Or that combine together as one piece.

Having a way to keep a thought of your special bond together is great for good times and for times of growth.

Make an amazing pick me up to show your constant support and love that has no boundaries.  You can them know you are there no matter what, and unconditionally.

Follow your heart! Buy her a unique gift for Valentine’s Day5 Tips for Buying

Unique Gifts for

Wife or Girlfriend

You can show how much you care with personalized jewelry gifts! Get inspired with these jewelry gift ideas and pick the right gift today here. Onecklace will help you buy the most unique gift for your wife or girlfriend.  And be ready for them to be delighted and overjoyed when they see how much you mean to them.

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