Also, it is said that the origin of the candy canes stem back to Cologne, Germany around 1670. While in the 1920’s Bob McCormack began making candy canes as special Christmas treats. In addition, in the 1950’s the first candycane machine was introduced by Gregory Keller that aided in manufacturing and mass producing the candy canes.


So, scroll through the list and let your thoughts return to the simpler times of your past. You will see some candies that you thought were long gone like Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy, Wax Bottles, Satellite Wafers or CandyCigarettes. Guess what? They are still around. See especially: Deal of the week

Often we are asked what candy was created or enjoyed in certain decades. Through many hours of mouthwatering research, we have done our best to track down the origins of many of your old time favorites.

First, when it comes to what candy was popular in a certain decade the answer is not so obvious. One of our most popular is Candy Buttons (on paper tape.) We have asked people in the 30s to people in their 70s and most remember it.

So, if you remember a “candy you ate as a kid” then it was popular during that decade. When did Candy Buttons (on paper tape) first arrive on the scene? The 1930s.

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Everyone has a favorite candy. Some people like the powdery sugar in Pixy Sticks. Others prefer classics like lemon drops and root beer barrels. Some like chewy candy like licorice, and some like to suck on candy like jawbreakers.

Anyone who has a sweet tooth knows that candy is the best way to satisfy it. However, you may not know everything about your favorite candy—like where it got its name, how it was first made, or even why.

The story of POP ROCKS….

The fizzing candies Pop Rocks were developed in 1956 by General Foods research scientist William A. Mitchell. Originally they sold for 15 cents a packet. In the early 1970s, they came in orange, cherry, and grape flavors. Pop Rocks are small, crystallized pieces of sugar with air pockets of carbonation that “pop” and “crackle” when the candy melts in your mouth or in water.


This popping sound led to an urban legend. As early as 1979, there were rumors about a child who had exploded after eating Pop Rocks with soda. At one point, the Food and Drug Administration even set up a hotline to field any questions from parents concerned about their children eating the candy.

However, after a large marketing effort to combat the rumors that were gripping the imagination of the public, Pop Rocks eventually disappeared from market shelves in 1983. They have since popped back up and had a resurgence in popularity.

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