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In addition, it helps you with the enjoyment of romantic, intimate moments!

Healthy blood flow is a most important preventative safeguard. That also reduces the likely hood of male impotence.

If you’re over 35, chances are you have also already begun noticing changes in your performance.

So all guys hate to admit it, but unfortunately your hormonal levels begin to decline. And your entire hormonal system begins to shift in unfavorable directions.

Additionally, these hormonal imbalances are symptomatic of a condition in middle aged men called Andropause. And are responsible for many undesirable effects.

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And whether you call it Tongkat Ali, Long Jack or Pasak Bumi…..

Researchers show, most importantly, that the biocompounds extracted from the root of the Eurycoma longifolia plant safely increase the natural production of testosterone. And it frees bound-testosterone in the blood stream.

Why should you take AndroMax 200:1?

AndroMax 200:1 is an all natural supplement.


It is not a drug, hormone or synthetic. The only ingredients in AndroMax200:1 are derived from a well researched plant (Eurycoma Longifolia).  Also, this plant is harvested from the rainforest in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Due to its ability to provide so many male related health benefits.

Eurycoma Longifolia is considered natures miracle gift to man. Also, the power within Eurycoma Longifolia. is centered around numerous bioactive compounds contained in the plant’s root.

Your body produces its own testosterone.

Therefore, this natural and healthy way and avoids harmful side effects. And this is often associated with external delivery systems such as injections, patches, and creams.

While in order for the extraction process to achieve the proper concentrate. It also requires 200 grams of Eurycoma Longifolia Root to extract 1 gram of concentrated bioactive compounds.

Hence, increasing your testosterone offers amazing benefits.



First of all, look at the list below which includes just some of the more notable benefits

And notice they are reversed symptoms of aging: ……

  • Increased libido and improved sexual performance and

  • Reduced body fat and

  • Increased muscle mass and muscle tone and

  • More energy and vitality and

  • Increased strength, stamina and endurance and

  • higher bone density and

  • Improved circulation and blood flow

  • As well as a decrease in bad (LDL) cholesterol and

  • An increase in good (HDL) cholesterol andANDROMAX

  • Improved concentration, and

  • Better memory and mental acuity and

  • A greater sense of well being and confidence and

  • A more youthful outlook on life.

ANDROMAX 200:1 –

Have You Lost Muscle and Gained Belly Fat?

Younger men benefit from higher levels of testosterone. Therefore, you may find this helps significantly to maintain muscle tone. And muscle density. And a lower percentage of body fat as it compares to muscle mass.

Most of all, as you progress through the years they lose the ability to produce testosterone. And over time the gradual accumulation of abdominal fat reaches a point where it no longer goes unnoticed!



And like many middle age men you may discover strict dieting and rigorous exercise may not be enough. To overcome the Battle of the Bulge and the Decline in Muscle Mass. And this condition is often related to low levels of testosterone. Hence it is commonly referred to as Low T.

Recently however scientists show that low testosterone (Low T) is directly linked to an increase in belly fat and obesity.


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Works great. Love the feeling of the test boost
November 9, 2016 by MuscleMan
“Works great. Love the feeling of the test boost. After a couple days I could certainly notice a mental and physical energy. Libido is also up. At the time I purchased this product I had received it at a discount for a fair and honest review.”
Natural ingredients, and guaranteed performance.
September 30, 2016 by mjfgman
“This supplement contains natural ingredients which are designed to boost your testosterone, support muscle development, and libido. It comes with a 100% guarantee as well. I can report that it’s helped me to be able to train injury-free to date, and that my energy levels have been good. I haven’t used it long enough to report on the other claims it makes, but given the product guarantee, I don’t doubt it’s helpful in most all of these male oriented areas.”
Good clean supplement, no illegal or dangerous substances.
September 12, 2016 by Christian M
“This is a Good clean supplement, no illegal or dangerous substances. The spice elements really burn on your tongue when ingesting which is probably a good thing because of the thermogenic effect.As with every supplement, you have t believe in its effectiveness. Good value at retail”

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